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Average Ransomware Payment Doubles from Q3 to Q4 2019, Study Reveals

Published on: 29-01-2020

The price of a ransomware attack can be ascertained more precisely than other types of attacks, and a new study unveils the expected costs that a company incurs during such an event.



Published on: 24-01-2020

เป็นช่วงเวลาหนึ่งในชีวิตของผู้ปกครองทุกคน เมื่อพวกเขาร้องขอและอ้อนวอนอย่างหนักจากบุตรหลาน พวกเขาก็รีบซื้อมาร์ทโฟนแก่บุตรหลานเป็นเครื่องแรก


Paradise Ransomware decryption tool

Published on: 20-01-2020

We're happy to announce a new decryptor for Paradise Ransomware. Paradise Ransomware, initially spotted in 2017, has been aggressively marketed as a service to interested affiliates. After infection, it checks whether the keyboard language is set...


Seventeen Android Nasties Spotted in Google Play, Total Over 550K Downloads

Published on: 17-01-2020

Bitdefender researchers recently found 17 Google Play apps that, once installed, start hiding their presence on the user’s device and constantly display aggressive ads. While not malicious per se, the tactics they use to smuggle themselves into...


Bitdefender Named a Leader in Cloud Workload Security by Independent Research Firm

Published on: 15-01-2020

Bitdefender, a global cybersecurity leader protecting over 500 million systems in 150 countries, has been named a Leader in independent research and advisory firm Forrester’s "The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Workload Security (CWS), Q4 2019" report.


Start 2020 Securely With GravityZone

Published on: 15-01-2020

From crippling ransomware attacks to a near-miss of WannaCry 2.0, 2019 has been anything but short of security incidents, with major attacks popping up in the media on an almost weekly basis. The line between standard and advanced security is blurring, and tools today need to be able to fight off both everyday threats and targeted attacks in real-life conditions (without relying on signatures, and instead focusing on behavioral detection).


Researchers Find RDP Abuse Exposes New Fileless-Type Tactic

Published on: 13-01-2020

Recent investigations by Bitdefender security researchers revealed an attack tactic that could be considered fileless, from an endpoint perspective. Abusing the RDP protocol, in the sense that attackers already have legitimate RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) credentials, means they can set up a share on their machine that acts as a resource on the local virtual network.


Latest Android Security Patch Fixes Media Framework Vulnerability and More

Published on: 10-01-2020

Google’s Android Security Bulletin of 2020 details the critical patches made available for operating systems, and it’s nothing that should worry users much. One of the most pressing issues that had to be fixed is a critical security vulnerability in the Media framework, but very particular requirements had to be met for an attacker to...


Ransomware infection throws New Orleans into state of emergency

Published on: 17-12-2019

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell called a press conference Friday to declare a state of emergency after the city fell victim to a major ransomware infection. The most populous city in the state of Louisiana, New Orleans is the latest victim in a long string of ransomware attacks directed at city infrastructures across the United States this year.


GravityZone Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises Now Generally Available

Published on: 06-12-2019

Bitdefender today announces the general availability (GA) release of GravityZone™ Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises, building upon our many years of delivering industry-leading malware sandboxing in the cloud.