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Exaggerated Lion and Business Email Compromise – Don’t Send That Check!

Published on: 27-02-2020

More and more businesses are falling victim to Business Email Compromise, where scammers fool companies into transferring money into the bank accounts of criminals.


Bitdefender Wins AV-Comparatives ‘Product of the Year’ Award

Published on: 27-02-2020

The latest achievement means Bitdefender is AV-Comparatives' most-awarded vendor of the past decade.


Millions of Bluetooth Devices Affected by SWEYNTOOTH Vulnerabilities

Published on: 21-02-2020

A family of vulnerabilities found in various Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) development kits (SDKs) of seven major system-on-a-chip (SoC) affects millions of devices around the world, ranging from simple Bluetooth trackers to medical devices. BLE is a communication protocol designed to limit power consumption, with a simple disadvantage: not much data can be sent. In ...


Business Email Compromise Inflicts $1.7 Billion in Losses in US in 2019

Published on: 19-02-2020

The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has compiled all complaints registered in 2019, and the reported losses exceed $3.5 billion, with Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC) accounting for $1.7 billion.


Israeli Elector App Accidently Exposes Personal Data of 6.5 Million Voters

Published on: 14-02-2020

The personal data of almost 6.5 million Israeli voters was leaked online after Likud, the country’s governing party, uploaded the information to the highly vulnerable Elector application. Prior to the elections, all parties receive information about the voters, on the understanding they’ll guard it carefully and destroy it after the election. It looks like the software used by Likud had a bug that allowed virtually anyone to download the entire registry.


Average Ransomware Payment Doubles from Q3 to Q4 2019, Study Reveals

Published on: 29-01-2020

The price of a ransomware attack can be ascertained more precisely than other types of attacks, and a new study unveils the expected costs that a company incurs during such an event.


Những điều cha mẹ cần biết trước khi cho phép trẻ em sử dụng điện thoại thông minh.

Published on: 24-01-2020

Có một khoảnh khắc trong cuộc sống của bất kỳ bậc cha mẹ nào, sau khi van nài và cầu xin, họ sẽ ra cửa hàng và mua cho con mình chiếc điện thoại thông minh đầu tiên.


Paradise Ransomware decryption tool

Published on: 20-01-2020

We're happy to announce a new decryptor for Paradise Ransomware. Paradise Ransomware, initially spotted in 2017, has been aggressively marketed as a service to interested affiliates. After infection, it checks whether the keyboard language is set...


Seventeen Android Nasties Spotted in Google Play, Total Over 550K Downloads

Published on: 17-01-2020

Bitdefender researchers recently found 17 Google Play apps that, once installed, start hiding their presence on the user’s device and constantly display aggressive ads. While not malicious per se, the tactics they use to smuggle themselves into...


Start 2020 Securely With GravityZone

Published on: 15-01-2020

From crippling ransomware attacks to a near-miss of WannaCry 2.0, 2019 has been anything but short of security incidents, with major attacks popping up in the media on an almost weekly basis. The line between standard and advanced security is blurring, and tools today need to be able to fight off both everyday threats and targeted attacks in real-life conditions (without relying on signatures, and instead focusing on behavioral detection).