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Unc0ver Hackers Find New Zero Day Bug to Jailbreak iOS 13.5

Published on: 27 May 2020

The infamous unc0ver hacker group has released the latest jailbreak for Apple’s notoriously hard-to-crack iOS operating system. The hack allows iPhone and iPad users on the latest iOS version to install a mod that eliminates some restrictions...


Facebook Fined $9 Million in Canada Over ‘False’ Privacy Claims

Published on: 22 May 2020

After incurring billions of dollars in fines from international regulators over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook faces yet another penalty – albeit a much smaller one – over 'false' data privacy claims. Canada's Competition Bureau says...


Global Ransomware and Cyberattacks on Healthcare Spike during Pandemic

Published on: 15 May 2020

With healthcare systems under constant strain amid the SARS-CoV-2 global pandemic, hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world have also been hit by a wave of cyberattacks, including ransomware attacks. While officials have already issued warnings that hospitals, governments and universities may be more conscious about losing data and access to critical systems, Bitdefender telemetry reveals that the number of cyberattacks and ransomware incidents directly targeting healthcare significantly increased over the past couple of months.


GoGoogle Decryption Tool

Published on: 8 May 2020

We’re happy to announce the availability of a new decryptor for GoGoogle (aka BossiTossi) ransomware. This family of ransomware is written in Go and generates encrypted files with the .google extension. Spotted in April 2020, GoGoogle ransomware...


Shade / Troldesh Ransomware decryption tool

Published on: 5 May 2020

We have just released an updated decryption tool for Shade (Troldesh) Ransomware. As a long-established family of ransomware, Shade has been in operation since 2014, and has been operating consistently ever since. In late April 2020, its...


Shade Ransomware Groups Shuts Down Operation and Releases Decryption Keys

Published on: 30 Apr 2020

The group behind the Shade ransomware has closed up shop and distributed around 750,000 decryption keys, along with decryption software, apologizing to everyone that was affected by their malware. There are numerous types of ransomware in use...


WHO Admits to Leaked Credentials, Says Number of Cyber Attacks Increased Fivefold

Published on: 28 Apr 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) admitted that around 450 active credentials were leaked online last week and noted that the number of cyberattacks directed at the organization increased fivefold, compared with the same period the previous...


Text ‘bomb’ crashes iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches – what you need to know

Published on: 27 Apr 2020

An innocent-looking message, containing characters in the Sindhi language, can cause your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even Apple Watch to crash without warning. The problem appears to exists in how the latest shipping versions of Apple's operating...


Email Credentials of WHO, The Gates Foundation, Other Leaked Online

Published on: 24 Apr 2020

Around 25,000 email addresses and corresponding passwords belonging to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Gates Foundation, and a number of others organizations were leaked online. The source of the leak remains a mystery. According to a...


FBI Warns About People Sharing Security Information on Social Media

Published on: 23 Apr 2020

The FBI issued a warning regarding a worrying social media trend, with seemingly innocuous activities that would give possible attackers information they could use to gain access to once-protected data and accounts. Remember all those security...