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Neiman Marcus phải trả 1,5 triệu đô la để giải quyết về vấn đề vi phạm dữ liệu với 43 tiểu bang

Published on: 14-01-2019

Neiman Marcus, chuỗi cửa hàng bách hóa cao cấp có trụ sở tại Dallas, đã đồng ý trả 1,5 triệu đô la tiền bồi thường cho 43 tiểu bang bị ảnh hưởng bởi vi phạm dữ liệu năm 2013, bộ chưởng tư pháp Texas Ken Paxton công bố hôm thứ ba.

Facebook vi phạm nghiêm trọng Luật Điện tử Việt Nam

Published on: 11-01-2019

Luật an ninh mạng của Việt Nam, thắt chặt kiểm soát của chính phủ đối với môi trường trực tuyến vừa có hiệu lực vào ngày 1 tháng 1 và nó đã tuyên bố nạn nhân đầu tiên của mình, viết trên tờ Thời báo Tài chính.

PewDiePie fans remotely hack smart TVs to play video about IoT insecurity (featuring the Swedish YouTube king, of course)

Published on: 08-01-2019

The geek that last month hacked tens of thousands of printers to help PewDiePie keep his top spot on YouTube has now hacked 5,500 more smart devices. He and a partner say this gig was more an effort to raise awareness about security flaws inherent to IoT products. That, and to give PewDiePie another shout-out, of course.

How to teach children to spot fake news. Practical and fun activities for digitally smart families

Published on: 04-01-2019

More and more kids use social media platforms not only for entertainment and communication but also to get the news. For children, “news” doesn’t necessarily mean the latest information on politics or current social affairs.

The Top Five Cybersecurity Incidents of 2018

Published on: 02-01-2019

According to some estimates, cybercrime causes 600 billion dollars a year in financial losses. And despite lessons from past incidents, players in all verticals still incur massive damage every year as a result of breaches by hackers.

Impulsive personalities most likely to fall victim to cybercrime, according to the research

Published on: 26-12-2018

New research from Michigan State University examining the behavior that leads someone to fall victim to cybercrime reveals that impulse online shopping, downloading music and compulsive email use are all signs of a certain personality trait that make you a target for malware attacks.

Hackers breach NASA and employee data may have been exposed

Published on: 21-12-2018

After security breaches in 2011 and 2016, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has confirmed a third breach, occurring earlier this year, where personally identifiable information of employees may have been compromised.

Passwords in 2018 are as bad as ever

Published on: 20-12-2018

Every year, the fine gents at SplashData both entertain and horrify us with a list of the 100 worst passwords out there, hoping to kick our collective bad habits. Despite increased awareness of the need for password hygiene, people still use the...

47,000 Patients Affected by Credit Card Information Data Breach

Published on: 17-12-2018

Weak security in third-party vendors strike again in the medical world. Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Frisco hospital in North Texas announced payment information, including partial credit card info, of some 47,000 patients or guarantors maybe have been compromised following a security incident with the third-party’s credit card processing system. The data breach was detected on September 29.

Major Privacy Issues in Google+ Force Its Shutdown Earlier than Planned

Published on: 14-12-2018

Google+ and its APIs are shutting down sooner than announced after a new privacy glitch that exposed the data of more than 52 million users was detected in November, Google announced on Monday.