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Update Your iPhone to iOS 12.4 now! PoCs for dangerous remote hacks now public

Published on: 05-08-2019

Security researchers have released the proof-of-concept for four exploitable flaws in Apple’s iOS that would allow anyone with enough skill to target a device and execute malicious code remotely. Of the four flaws disclosed by Google’s team of...

iCloud account hacker jailed for three years after preying on rappers and sports celebrities

Published on: 31-07-2019

A man, who posed as an Apple customer support representative, has been sentenced to three years and one month in a federal prison after breaking into the accounts of rappers, as well as NBA and NFL players. Kwamaine Jerell Ford's fraudulent...

Adware-Packed Fake Apps Still Making Their Way to Google Play

Published on: 23-07-2019

Adware is nothing new, nor will it go away any time soon, especially since it’s a legitimate means for app developers to generate revenue. When it comes to Android, “borderline legitimate” is the tagline that developers commonly abuse to smuggle...

Hackers steal $32 million from Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint

Published on: 22-07-2019

Trading crypto currency may land you a fortune overnight, but there are plenty of risks involved. Like forgetting the password to your wallet. Or someone hacking your computer to steal your funds. Or having your exchange hacked. In the case of...

How any Instagram account could be hacked in less than 10 minutes

Published on: 19-07-2019

A security researcher has been awarded $30,000 after discovering a serious vulnerability that could potentially have put any Instagram account at risk of being hacked. Following a recent increase in rewards offered for the discovery of critical...

Google uses human reviewers to listen to Home assistant recordings, investigation reveals

Published on: 15-07-2019

An investigation into Google’s practices for storing and analyzing audio files recorded via Google Home smart speakers has revealed that the tech giant hires people to systematically listen to recordings with the purpose of improving the technology.

GDPR Bares Its Fangs: €315 Million in Penalties over Just Three Days

Published on: 11-07-2019

In only three days, businesses big and small with customers in the European Union have been told to cough up a cumulated €315 million in penalties after failing to comply with the GDPR rulebook.

Marriott faces £99.2 million fine after hack exposed 393 million hotel guest records

Published on: 11-07-2019

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (IOC) has announced its intention to fine the US hotel group Marriott International £99.2 million (US $123 million) for a data breach that exposed the personal details of hundreds of millions of guests.

Chinese Border Patrol Installs High Tech Surveillance on Travelers’ Phones

Published on: 09-07-2019

China’s border patrol has reportedly been installing surveillance software on border crossers’ phones without their knowledge, according to an investigation by the Guardian, The New York Times and Süddeutsche Zeitung. The software, the investigation claims, tracks travelers’ movement and secretly collects emails, texts, contacts and other phone information.

Hackers are exploiting old Microsoft Outlook bug. Make sure you’re patched!

Published on: 05-07-2019

US Cyber Command has issued a warning about an unnamed foreign country’s attempt to spread malware through the exploitation of a vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook.