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Instagram Fined €405 Million for Mishandling Teens’ Data

Published on: 09-09-2022

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) has issued a €405 million fine to Meta, the parent company of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, over the way it handled children’s data.

The penalty follows an investigation into an Instagram setting that allowed teenagers to set up business accounts without being warned...


Google Plans to Bar Android VPN Apps from Blocking or Interfering with Ads

Published on: 31-08-2022

Starting in November, Google will prevent Android VPN apps hosted on its Play Store marketplace from blocking or interfering with ads. Although the new policy aims to counter data-harvesting VPN services and ad manipulation fraud, it could also impact legitimate privacy protection apps.

The new policy, announced in late July...


Apple Patches Two Critical Security Flaws in iOS 15 and macOS Monterey. Update Now!

Published on: 19-08-2022

Apple has issued urgent fixes for two security holes in iOS and macOS, warning that bad actors may be actively exploiting the flaws to steal users’ data.

Available for pretty much all iPhones and iPads in circulation today, iOS 15.6.1 addresses two rather similar flaws in the operating system’s underlying Kernel and web-rendering engine.


Spam and Untrusted URLs Are Driving Most Threats on Android, Bitdefender Research Finds

Published on: 04-08-2022

When it comes to attack vectors on the Android platform, spam and untrusted URLs dominate. Attackers overwhelmingly prefer them because they're easy to deploy and generate, not to mention cheap. One of the newest features for Bitdefender Mobile Security is...


Threat actor is selling data on 5.4 million Twitter users for $30K on hacking forum

Published on: 26-07-2022

A security vulnerability at Twitter has allowed a threat actor to gain access to data of over 5.4 million user accounts. The stolen data is now up for grabs on a hacking forum for at least $30,000 US.

Last Thursday, a criminal began selling the contact information of allegedly 5.4 million Twitter users on a popular hacking forum. The ad posted by a threat actor...


Critical Linux Kernel Zero-Day Flaw Affects Several Flagship Android Devices

Published on: 18-07-2022

A security expert recently disclosed a zero-day vulnerability in the Linux kernel that would allow attackers to perform a devastating series of attacks on compromised devices. Northwestern University PhD student and kernel-focused cybersecurity expert...


Dutch University Recovers Bitcoins Paid in 2019 Ransomware Attack - Plans to Give It to Students in Need

Published on: 14-07-2022

Maastricht University (UM) recently announced a remarkable development in the investigation into a 2019 cyber attack which forced it to make a Bitcoin payment to ransomware operators. UM has turned a profit off the attack after police succeeded in tracing the cryptocurrency. In 2019, UM staff fell for a phishing lure...


Leaked data of 1 billion Chinese citizens allegedly for sale on the dark web

Published on: 06-07-2022

A cyberthief going by the name ‘China Dan’ claims to have stolen personally identifiable information of 1 billion Chinese citizens.

According to an ad seen by Bleeping Computer on a dark web marketplace, the threat actor says the database contains 22 terabytes of records exfiltrated from Shanghai National Police servers...


AMD held to ransom by gang that claims 450GB of data has been stolen

Published on: 04-07-2022

Semiconductor giant AMD says that it is investigating what claims to be a major data breach of its network, that saw a group of online criminals steal 450GB of data from its systems.


Ransomware Magniber chạy xuất hiện liên tục trên các trang web lậu giả làm bản cập nhật windows 10

Published on: 03-05-2022

Một chiến dịch Ransomware mới đang nhắm mục tiêu vào người dùng Windows có thói quen tải xuống nội dung vi phạm bản quyền. Đóng vai trò như một lời nhắc nhở khác để tránh xa các trang web lậu và crack, chiến dịch ransomware Magniber được cho là đã bắt đầu cách đây vài ngày....