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Bug in Steam platform exposes license keys for every available game

Published on: 13-11-2018

An avid bug hunter has discovered a vulnerability in Valve’s Steam developer portal which, exploited properly, reveals every license key for every game available on the platform. Instead of selling the keys for illicit profit, he reported the flaw to Valve.

DDoS attack on Cambodia’s top ISPs reached 150Gbps

Published on: 09-11-2018

A major DDoS attack hit Cambodia’s top ISPs, writes ZDNet. EZECOM, SINET, Telcotech and Digi have all confirmed the attack after users reported issues all last week when trying to use online applications.

Hackers actively exploiting vulnerabilities in Cisco security appliances

Published on: 06-11-2018

Networking giant Cisco is warning customers that attackers are actively exploiting a vulnerability in the company’s Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) and Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) software.

GandCrab Ransomware decryption tool

Published on: 29-10-2018

Earlier this year in February, Bitdefender released the world’s first decryption tool to help GandCrab ransomware victims get their data back for free. But since then, victims of subsequent versions of GandCrab and its ‘ransomware-as-a-service’ affiliate approach have been reaching out to us for help.

The good news is that now you can have your data back without paying a cent to the cyber-criminals, as Bitdefender has released a free utility that automates the data decryption process. This tool recovers files encrypted by GandCrab ransomware versions 1, 4 and 5.

Madison County North Carolina Local Government infected with Ransomware

Published on: 26-10-2018

Madison County in Idaho fell victim to a ransomware attack last week, after an employee opened a phishing email asking for money.

Cathay Pacific got hacked, compromising the data of millions of passengers

Published on: 26-10-2018

Hong Kong (CNN Business)One of Asia's top airlines has discovered a data breach in which the personal information of more than 9 million passengers may have been stolen.

75,000 Americans affected by government system breach

Published on: 24-10-2018

The government’s sign-up system for healthcare plans fell victim to a data breach, affecting the sensitive information of some 75,000 individuals.

Pentagon data breach puts personal details of 30,000 staff at risk

Published on: 19-10-2018

The Pentagon has admitted that up to 30,000 military workers and civilian personnel have had their personal information and credit card data exposed following a security breach

How to check if your Facebook account was hacked

Published on: 16-10-2018

Following a massive breach that compromised tens of millions of accounts, Facebook has started sending out custom messages to inform people if or how they were impacted. Users who have yet to receive a custom notification from the social network can manually check whether their account got hacked, and what data might have been leaked. Here’s how.

Ransomware operators breach 40.000+ records from Fetal Diagnostic Institute of the Pacific

Published on: 12-10-2018

The successful SamSam ransomware campaign targeting hospitals and clinics across the United States in the last year is breathing new life into hungry ransomware operators. The Fetal Diagnostic Institute of the Pacific based in Honolulu, Hawaii is the latest victim in this ongoing play.