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Bitdefender Releases New Security Solution for Small and Home Offices

Bitdefender Releases New Security Solution for Small and Home Offices

Adding to Bitdefender’s extensive array of Home Use device security products, Bitdefender now aims to protect small offices and home offices (SOHO). Previously Bitdefender’s Home Use products included Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Security, Family Pack. With Small Office Security, that now makes it product number 5 to add to store shelves.

Bitdefender Small Office Security continues to provide leading-edge, top-notch security against data breaches, phishing attempts and malware attacks. More specifically, Small Office Security will keep your small organization’s private information, how it should be: private. Protecting your clients’ information safe ultimately protects your company’s reputation and bottom line. Small Office Security retains Bitdefender’s unbeatable threat detection stopping sophisticated threats before having any adverse impact on your organization.

Bitdefender SOHO rivals competitors in terms of ease of use in multiple ways. You’ll still be able to install its software quickly in just under five minutes without requiring any IT skills. Also equipped is a simple cloud-based management tool that will allow users to manage multiple devices from one central device to quickly and easily respond or make changes wherever you are. Like all other Bitdefender security products, SOHO is easy on your system’s hardware as it runs seamlessly in the background and allowing you to compute without negatively effecting productivity. In the case user do run into any challenges, Bitdefender will continue to provide 24/7 dedicated support whenever and wherever by simply contacting Bitdefender at or by telephone at 84 24 3574 7677.

What makes Bitdefender Small Office Security different? The clearest difference is the maximum number of devices under one central management tool. You can now manage up to 20 devices simultaneously. Total Security allows for a maximum of 10 devices while Family Pack allows for a maximum of 15 devices. Other differences include improvements in some of the features included such as its Complete and Real-Time Data Protection which allows your small office to fend off all e-threats, from viruses, worms and Trojans, to ransomware, zero-day exploits, rootkits and spyware. Vulnerability Assessment has also been bolstered to check your office computers for outdated and vulnerable software, missing Windows security patches and potentially unsafe system settings, then indicates the best fix. Bitdefender Small Office Security also includes up to 500 MB per day of encrypted traffic for your Windows, Android, macOS and iOS devices.