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What is Bitdefender Central and how to use it?

Published on: 05-01-2018

Besides offering the best protection for your systems, we want you to have the smoothest experience managing and using your Bitdefender products on all of your systems (Windows based, MAC systems and Android Mobile devices). That is why we created Bitdefender Central. Bitdefender Central is the web platform where you have access to the product’s online features and services and can remotely perform important tasks on devices Bitdefender is installed on. You can log in to your Bitdefender account from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet by accesing this link.


How to purchase?

Published on: 04-01-2018


How to install Bitdefender Home Product from DVD

Published on: 31-10-2017

In order to make Bitdefender installation smoother, please take a look at this guide before installing it on your devices.


What's NEW at Bitdefender 2018

Published on: 04-10-2017

This year's Bitdefender 2018 comes with a lot of new and exciting features and enhanced functionality in order to make the user experience easier and pleasant.


How to optimize your hard disk space using Disk Cleanup in Bitdefender 2017

Published on: 01-04-2017

In order to optimize your system speed by cleaning unnecesarry file from you hard disk, you can use the new Disk Celanup function available in the Tools section.


Upgrading to Bitdefender 2017 on my computer

Published on: 01-04-2017

I already have Bitdefender 2016 on my PC and I want to upgrade to the new Bitdefender 2017.


How to uninstall Antivirus for Mac if the standard uninstaller doesn't work

Published on: 01-04-2017

If the standard uninstall procedure doesn't work, follow the steps from this article.